Web Service在电信综合业务管理系统客户管理模块的应用

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 随着市场竞争日渐激烈,利润普遍下滑,电信企业对客户的管理为客户提供多层次、个性化和多样化的服务。为了满足市场的需要,在电信综合业务管理系统的客户管理模块中用到Web Service就能对客户资料进行清淅的层次管理,以提高处理速率,获得更多利润增长点。
 本系统是将客户管理模块中的功能点是以J2EE APIs来创建事务和表现的逻辑,通过SOAP协议与UDDI这间的消息传递访问XML文档,以及对XML文档进行操作。在这个过程中,为这些模块功能接口编写WSDL文档使其规范化成为本次设计的重点。另外,系统的构架模式也是其非常重要的组成部分。采用Web Service缓解了服务器的压力,同时,大大地提高了系统的高效性降低其耦合性。
关键字:Web Service;分层结构;SOAP协议;WSDL文档

The application of Web Service in the client management module of telecommunications business management system
With the increasing of severity of the market competition, generally declining profits, customer management for telecommunications enterprises have to provide our customers with a multi-level, individuality, and the diversification of services. For the needs of the market, in the client management module of telecommunications business management system integrated can be applied to Web Service data for customers warning level management to enhance the rate and get more profit growth.
 The system let the customer management module based on the functional point of J2EE APIs to create services and the performance of logic, through SOAP and UDDI this message passing accessing XML documents, and the XML document for the operation. In the process, the function of these modules interface documentation to enable it to prepare a standardized WSDL became the focus of the design. In addition, the system architecture of the model is also very important component. Using Web Service eased the pressure on the server, and greatly improved the system's efficiency and coupling.
 The system has been used in Hunan Telecom integrated operations management system and its surrounding systems, stability, security, fast.

Keywords :Web Service;hierarchical structure ;SOAP Protocol;WSDL document

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Web Service在电信综合业务管理系统客户管理模块的应用......
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